Our Team

QVA is an independent Quaker charity run by a team of trustees, facilitators and a coordinator.

We have an active group of trustees who oversee the running of the organisation. If you would be interested to join us and have particular skills to offer please get in touch with our clerk at mail@qva.org.uk.



Jeff Beatty (Clerk)

Alice Crawford

Sally Jane Gold

Anne Jackson

Sue Jenkins

Emily Jesson-Smith

Conor Jerram (Treasurer)

Our projects are run by pairs of experienced facilitators. They make sure things run smoothly including the catering, pastoral care, work tasks, reflection sessions and worship. We occasionally have vacancies for new facilitators to join the team. If this is something you’d be interested to offer please contact our coordinator Simon Watkins via retreats@qva.org.uk.

Recent facilitators

Linda Southwick

Alexander Gorbenko

Jasmine Piercy

Jo Keogh

Gordon Matthews

Laura Conyngham

Simon Watkins

Hannah Brock Womack

Alison Smedley

Marisa Johnson

Keith Scott

Eirlys Evans

Vicky Cowell

Christie Coho

Rosie Carnall

Evan Welkin

Lesley O’Connor

Simon Watkins


Simon Watkins


Irena Pearse


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